Welcome to Sunlight of Collier County

A residential maternity home that provides a safe, loving, family atmosphere that serves pregnant women and teens.


Short-term emergency residential program.


    Long-term residential life-restorative program.


      Shared rentals for struggling single mothers.


      Support and supplies for struggling local single mothers.

      Our Vision


      Our Programs Offer:

      Continued education
      and parenting classes

      Our program offers free and informal classes for expectant and new moms. Classes also feature fun guest speakers, informational videos, and lively group discussions.

      Case management

      Resident case management, regular one-on-one case management sessions, coordinating outside appointments, such as healthcare appointments, mental health counseling education and transportation, birth and parenting classes, hygiene, financial management classes.

      Adoption information
      and services

      Adoption is a selfless act of love and can bring a positive end to an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re not ready or able to parent, someone else is, and that “someone” could be a family selected by you who will love and nurture your child.

      2022 Annual Report

      Our Mission

      A Christ-centered home that will teach mothers how to care for their babies and never be homeless again.

      I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the awesome beauty in God’s hand of provision not just for immediate, imperative needs but the strong way in which He develops relationships that become binding as trust is built. This experience has enriched my life.  My daughter and brand-new granddaughter are recipients of the program that Sunlight Home can offer, and I am one GRATEFUL grandma. May we all pay it forward.


      I would like to start by saying I am very blessed to have been in Sunlight Home. My sense of direction was nonexistent before I met Ms. Linda. I feel that she and Sunlight Home have made a major impact on my life. Although, I make mistakes and am far from perfect I strive to become a better me. I have set goals that I am working on achieving. 


      I make mistakes and am far from perfect I strive to become a better me. I have set goals at the Sunlight Home that I am working on achieving. These goals include finishing my associate’s then on to my bachelor’s and by the grace of God completing my master’s. I hope to be done with my associate of sociology in the spring of 2011. While I am in college I am working with veterans and taking care of my children. I can maintain my home, maintain my car and be an active parent in my children’s lives. 


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