“Before Sunlight Home I didn’t have housing, any family nearby, and I didn’t know where I was going to bring my baby. Now I have had help with everything – support, housing, help with getting a job, getting rides to work and my doctor appointments, and baby supplies.”

– Emily, a Sunlight Home Graduate


“I came to Sunlight Home broken and addicted to drugs. I left all of my old friendships behind and began to heal from a life of trauma. I didn’t know there were still good people out there and that there were Christians who lived out what they believed. I do not know where I would be if it hadn’t been for all the love and support I received while living at Sunlight Home.”

– Lesha, a Sunlight Home Graduate


“When I came to the home there was a serene feeling of peace and hope. Everyone was very nice and genuine with their greetings. I’ve been to a lot of foster homes, group homes, and couch surfing situations so I know a genuine greeting and a safe place when I see one. When I entered the home I immediately felt relieved of homelessness and fear – I felt secure. Everything that I’ve ever needed in my whole entire life is being done for me right now. Having my feelings validated and having a sense of security. A place where my voice matters – not only does it matter, but that I actually have a voice and am a human being. I am a child of God and being led closer to God.”

– Mikayla, a Sunlight Home Graduate


“When I came here it was totally different than the other maternity home I was in. It’s a family here instead of each person on their own. Since the day I got here I’ve felt like I was home and loved. Sunlight Home has helped me with my self control and has also given help to my son. If someone out there is looking for a safe place to be, I would encourage them to go to Sunlight Home because it is a good place to be.”

– Patty, a Sunlight Home Graduate


“I gained a safe place to call home and spiritual healing. Since I’ve been here, I got an ob doctor, a pediatrician doctor for Jayden, a dentist for me, and an eye doctor. I’ve also been going to get counseling. My goals while I’m here are to get my license, a car, and an office job until I can start school in August to become a phlebotomist. Then I will be able to provide very well for my children.”

– Allyssa, a Sunlight Home Graduate


“This program has changed my life! I have received many opportunities I never would have had if I would not have come to Sunlight Home. Most likely I would have ended up dead if I had not come here. This Home has been a stable and safe environment. Above all I give credit to God for bringing me to Sunlight Home. He has blessed me in many ways and I have grown closer to Him through the weekly Bible devotionals. I am forever grateful for everyone who makes Sunlight Home a place my child and I could call home.”

– Susi, a Sunlight Home Graduate

Sunlight Home Graduate

Sunlight Home has done a lot for me. I was able to go back into school and finish my sophomore year. Also I’ve learned a lot about having a baby and being able to take care of a baby. If I was at home I would of never known if I was having trouble with my pregnancy and how to be able to take care of my son. Sunlight Home has done wonderful things for me and if I knew someone who was in trouble with their pregnancy I would so recommend them here.

– Sunlight Home Graduate

Sarah Meierdiercks

I am always wowed by how much is accomplished in such a short amount of time. We are proud of each woman’s success and we anxiously wait to hear back from her after she leaves. As they live here, they build relationships with those around them and they become part of the Sunlight Home family. Thank you to all of the volunteers, supporters, board members, and community members that work together to make all of this possible.

– Sarah Meierdiercks

Holly, Sunlight Home Graduate

“I was homeless and Sunlight Home was my only option. Since I have been here I received prenatal care, information about adoption and I have learned life skills to help me toward my future success. After being here for 6months, I had my son Jacob Scott. I made the choice for him to have a mother, a father and siblings through adoption. It was a hard choice but the best one I could make for my son, as well as myself. Someday, my son will understand how much I loved him to give him a better life, and he will know that my life changed for the better as well.

– Holly, a Sunlight Home Graduate