A Safe Home

Sunlight Home was founded to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse for pregnant women and teens through a Christ-centered environment.

Because we are a God-based program we are able to offer hope in a hopeless situation.

Sunlight Home was established to break the cycle of poverty and abuse for pregnant women and teens. We are a long term residential maternity program that provides resources for pregnant, single moms. All funds for our operations are provided entirely by private donors and private grants. Our major goal is to protect the most vulnerable “at risk” children in crisis and empower the mothers to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. 


Our Programs


Ray of Hope for Pregnant
Women and Teens 

Ray of Hope is a 1-year program that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and hope for a bright future for women and their babies.

Our home is a family atmosphere of respect, support, and love that can accommodate up to 10 residents and their babies at any one time.

We offer our residents safety, opportunities for continuing education, career counseling, birthing and parenting techniques, counseling, access to medical care, life skills training, and problem-solving strategies.

We support parenting and adoption. We have 24-7 dedicated and experienced staff and volunteers that are committed to our mission.

Transition to Hope

Transition to Hope is a 2-year program that follows the completion of the Ray of Hope program. We stay with our mothers as they strive for success after the birth of their babies.

This program offers all of our moms, and their precious little ones hope for a bright future free of poverty and abuse whether they choose adoption or parenting.


Short-term emergency residential program.


    Long-term residential life-restorative program.


      Shared rentals for struggling single mothers.


      Support and supplies for struggling local single mothers.

      See What Else Sunlight Can Shine On You

      Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom Classes

      Learning how to never be homeless again


      Figuring out how you got here

      Prenatal classes

      Know what to expect when baby comes

      Bible Studies

      How God loves you

      Goals and Exit Plan

      Creating a new, secure home

      Learn and earn while you’re here

      Creating your safety net

      Resident Handbook

      What to expect while working our program to success