Sunlight Home helps pregnant women and teens build their lives by giving them a safe and loving home environment and teaching them how to care for themselves and their babies. Residents come from situations of homelessness, abuse, and trafficking, and need long term support and guidance to overcome generational dysfunction. It is our mission to empower our residents to be self-sufficient and productive members of society and break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Sunlight Home was honored to be recognized by the Collier County Board of Commissioners for 29 years of service in Naples, Florida through our maternity housing program and resources for pregnant single moms.

Vice President Diane Zingali and Board member Sandy Chancy received the proclamation on behalf of Sunlight Home at the Collier County BOC meeting on April 11th, 2023. The proclamation highlighted the origin of Sunlight Home in 1994 and the overall mission and shared some of the services we offer such as therapy and financial education, and life skills training. It included the fact that we secure resources privately, not from government funds, and mentioned that Sunlight Home is a “much needed service to the people of Collier County by caring for their vulnerable citizens and helping them rejoin society”. 

Diane Zingali took the podium to thank the Commissioners and share the Sunlight Home mission to empower pregnant teens and women to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Commissioner Rick LoCastro thanked Sunlight Home for helping single mothers and encouraged the audience to support Sunlight Home in their charitable giving. 

We depend on support from our local community and donors to be able to support the pregnant women and teens in our community. Your support can save lives. If you are looking for charities to donate to in Naples, FL, Sunlight Home has multiple opportunities available for you to support our mission. There are a number of volunteer opportunities that we are in need of fulfilling as well. If you have questions about our organization and how you can support our single mom house, contact us today.