Superheroes Use Winter Break to Help Homeless Pregnant Women and Single Mothers


These INCREDIBLE kids decided to give back to the community during their winter break this year!  Instead of sitting around and wasting time – these amazing kids sprung into action! 

They created an incredible flier and left it at each house in their community requesting donations for the Homeless Women and Children residing at Sunlight Home and providing a time and date that they planned to come back and pick up the items they requested on the list.  They requested used and new items that they knew our residents needed.  This seemingly small task yielded HUGE rewards that truly showered our residents and their babies at Christmas!!  Look at the amazing results they had! 

We are so incredibly proud of any child who has a heart for philanthropy and these 3 kiddos – well, they’re superheroes! 

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We depend on support from our local community and donors to be able to support the pregnant women and teens in our community. Your support can save lives. If you are looking for charities to donate to in Naples, FL, Sunlight Home has multiple opportunities available for you to support our mission. There are a number of volunteer opportunities that we are in need of fulfilling as well. If you have questions about our organization and how you can support our single mom house, contact us today.